Pixi - The Ultimate Beauty Kit

I committed the unthinkable with this palette and accidentally used it before I had a chance to photograph it (although it did arrive on Christmas Eve while I was in work and I was just too excited to use it when I got home as I was going out pretty much straight away! Justified?)
The packaging is actually my favourite bit, its just SO cute! It comes in a little box then inside it opens up like a book revealing the eye shadows, and the mirror part unfolds to reveal the cheek powders and lip glosses. The kit contains 32 eye shadows - a mixture of both matte and shimmery, 16 lip glosses and 8 cheek powders. They are all quite neutral colours apart from the odd purple eye shadow or deep red lip gloss.
I really love this kit as I am a very neutral girl and am pretty sure I will get lots of use out of many of the different colours.

I bought this kit from ASOS where it was originally £20. I bought it in their sale before Christmas when it was £15 but when I just to find a link for it I found that it is now out of stock but priced at a mere £6!!! I don't know whether they would get this back in stock but I would definitely keep an eye on it as I really do think that is an amazing bargain for something so cute and what is quite easily becoming my go-to palette!


  1. £6?! That is crazy. This palette looks so good! I like the purple-y toned blushers!!

  2. That is a bargain at £6! And even at £15 really!
    Lovely product and I love your blog.
    Rachael x

    1. I thought it was too, couldn't believe it when I saw it at £6! Thank you so much for your comment! I'll take a peek at your blog. :)
      Maggie x