Pixi - The Ultimate Beauty Kit

I committed the unthinkable with this palette and accidentally used it before I had a chance to photograph it (although it did arrive on Christmas Eve while I was in work and I was just too excited to use it when I got home as I was going out pretty much straight away! Justified?)
The packaging is actually my favourite bit, its just SO cute! It comes in a little box then inside it opens up like a book revealing the eye shadows, and the mirror part unfolds to reveal the cheek powders and lip glosses. The kit contains 32 eye shadows - a mixture of both matte and shimmery, 16 lip glosses and 8 cheek powders. They are all quite neutral colours apart from the odd purple eye shadow or deep red lip gloss.
I really love this kit as I am a very neutral girl and am pretty sure I will get lots of use out of many of the different colours.

I bought this kit from ASOS where it was originally £20. I bought it in their sale before Christmas when it was £15 but when I just to find a link for it I found that it is now out of stock but priced at a mere £6!!! I don't know whether they would get this back in stock but I would definitely keep an eye on it as I really do think that is an amazing bargain for something so cute and what is quite easily becoming my go-to palette!

Biosilk Silk Therapy Treatment

I was first introduced to this product in a Glossybox a few months ago. I didn't really pay much attention to it as I was quite happy with my Morrocan Oil and Tresemme Liquid Gold. However, a few weeks ago, disaster struck! My Moroccan Oil ran out and I had left my Liquid Gold at home. Luckily I keep all my 'samples' at my flat in Liverpool as a back up. So I routed through and found this.
I love it! I just wash my hair as normal then towel dry and apply to the ends of my hair - it does say to apply from the roots to the ends but my hair gets greasy very quickly and so I'm quite reluctant to apply it to the roots. It doesn't smell amazing but it smells fresh and kind of how I remember 'Head and Shoulders' shampoo to smell.
I find that it makes my hair feel a lot stronger, especially my dry ends. My hair is in terrible condition from using too much heat but I've really noticed a difference with this. So much so that I will now repurchase it over my previous go to product Moroccan Oil. It is also a lot cheaper, I've had a look on a few websites and Moroccan oil seems to retail at the same price but for half the amount. I've been using this for 2/3 weeks and I have used about half of the sample size (15ml), although I do only have short-medium-ish length hair, so I can see that it will last a long time too. A winner in my books!

My name's Maggie and I have an addiction...

Ok.... here goes.... I have a problem. A nail polish problem. I just can't seem to stop. It's one of those things that I find 100% necessary to make myself feel like I've made an effort. I used to spend hours trying to perfect nail art, stamping and sticking things on! Now, I have converted to a more simple style and approach. I love a simple block colour nail, and if I'm feeling adventurous then a sparkly glitter on top or an accent nail. Anyway, here are a few polishes I've picked up in the last couple of weeks.

I got this Barry M glitter polish in 'Rose Quartz Glitter' as part of the Superdrug 3 for 2 offer. I own a few glitter polishes but none in this pinky-gold colour. I love it and could not wait to pair it with my Models Own 'Utopia' which is a very pale pinky purple.

I got these two as free gifts in a November edition of 'More!' magazine. Usually at £5 a bottle paying £1.50 for the magazine was a great deal! The two shades I got were 'Nude Beige' which is the browny colour and 'Raspberry Crush' which is the red. Models Own is probably my favourite nail polish brand, usually one or two coat opaque and fast drying. Perfect!

This was another free gift in Decembers edition of 'Glamour' magazine (I'm clearly a sucker for a free gift!). I think these usually retail for around £8 and I only paid £2 for the magazine so again, an amazing deal! The shade is 'Motcomb Street' and I have high hopes that this will be a really opaque true black, as I'm yet to discover the perfect black polish! This does look a little bluey though, I shall report back on this one!

I bought these three products from the MUA website recently when they were holding a 35% off offer. I bought these along with a few other make-up bits - some of which I'm loving and will review soon! I'm not usually a fan of metallic nail polish but the colours of these two look so pretty! The gold colour is 'Glitter Wings' and the pinky-purple colour is 'Purple Mist'. At £2.50 these are not bad at all. I can see these being used on their own or even as an accent nail.
I also bought this Nail Constellation in Gemini. I haven't given this a go yet but the whole caviar nail thing interests me and this costs only £3 so a nice way to try it out!

I have to apologise for the photo quality, I'm trying my best with my iPhone! I am also struggling to find the time to blog during these last few weeks of term before Christmas but I'm planning to get stuck in during the Christmas holidays, when I should hopefully get lots of new things off my friends and family to review too *hint hint*!


.....and welcome to my first post!


I'm Maggie. I'm 19 and from North Wales. If you're reading this, I'm very pleased to meet you!


I'm intending PrettyPottering to be primarily a high-street beauty blog. I'm a student and as much as I lust after the high end products I read about in my favourite blogs, in reality I simply cannot afford to splash out on them. I also LOVE to bake so might throw a few of my favourite recipes in here every now and again. 


This first post is being written on November 17th 2012. It's taken a stupidly long time to finally convince myself that I can afford/have time/am interesting enough to write a blog (still not convinced).


I currently spend my days lugging a suitcase between Liverpool - where I live during the week to study, and North Wales - where I live at the weekends and work part time in a fast food restaurant (glamourous, I know). I love the experience of city life but I am very much a home bird and love returning to a sleepy seaside town every weekend. 


I think because even though I am pretty much obsessed with other beauty blogs, I've become lazy. I stick to what I know product-wise. I never get around to trying new things which I know I would probably love! So through starting a blog and obviously aiming to try and review new products, I hope to discover some beauty gems and hopefully some bargains!