My name's Maggie and I have an addiction...

Ok.... here goes.... I have a problem. A nail polish problem. I just can't seem to stop. It's one of those things that I find 100% necessary to make myself feel like I've made an effort. I used to spend hours trying to perfect nail art, stamping and sticking things on! Now, I have converted to a more simple style and approach. I love a simple block colour nail, and if I'm feeling adventurous then a sparkly glitter on top or an accent nail. Anyway, here are a few polishes I've picked up in the last couple of weeks.

I got this Barry M glitter polish in 'Rose Quartz Glitter' as part of the Superdrug 3 for 2 offer. I own a few glitter polishes but none in this pinky-gold colour. I love it and could not wait to pair it with my Models Own 'Utopia' which is a very pale pinky purple.

I got these two as free gifts in a November edition of 'More!' magazine. Usually at £5 a bottle paying £1.50 for the magazine was a great deal! The two shades I got were 'Nude Beige' which is the browny colour and 'Raspberry Crush' which is the red. Models Own is probably my favourite nail polish brand, usually one or two coat opaque and fast drying. Perfect!

This was another free gift in Decembers edition of 'Glamour' magazine (I'm clearly a sucker for a free gift!). I think these usually retail for around £8 and I only paid £2 for the magazine so again, an amazing deal! The shade is 'Motcomb Street' and I have high hopes that this will be a really opaque true black, as I'm yet to discover the perfect black polish! This does look a little bluey though, I shall report back on this one!

I bought these three products from the MUA website recently when they were holding a 35% off offer. I bought these along with a few other make-up bits - some of which I'm loving and will review soon! I'm not usually a fan of metallic nail polish but the colours of these two look so pretty! The gold colour is 'Glitter Wings' and the pinky-purple colour is 'Purple Mist'. At £2.50 these are not bad at all. I can see these being used on their own or even as an accent nail.
I also bought this Nail Constellation in Gemini. I haven't given this a go yet but the whole caviar nail thing interests me and this costs only £3 so a nice way to try it out!

I have to apologise for the photo quality, I'm trying my best with my iPhone! I am also struggling to find the time to blog during these last few weeks of term before Christmas but I'm planning to get stuck in during the Christmas holidays, when I should hopefully get lots of new things off my friends and family to review too *hint hint*!

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  1. Ooooh Motcomb. St looks really nice! Nails inc is my faaaave :)