.....and welcome to my first post!


I'm Maggie. I'm 19 and from North Wales. If you're reading this, I'm very pleased to meet you!


I'm intending PrettyPottering to be primarily a high-street beauty blog. I'm a student and as much as I lust after the high end products I read about in my favourite blogs, in reality I simply cannot afford to splash out on them. I also LOVE to bake so might throw a few of my favourite recipes in here every now and again. 


This first post is being written on November 17th 2012. It's taken a stupidly long time to finally convince myself that I can afford/have time/am interesting enough to write a blog (still not convinced).


I currently spend my days lugging a suitcase between Liverpool - where I live during the week to study, and North Wales - where I live at the weekends and work part time in a fast food restaurant (glamourous, I know). I love the experience of city life but I am very much a home bird and love returning to a sleepy seaside town every weekend. 


I think because even though I am pretty much obsessed with other beauty blogs, I've become lazy. I stick to what I know product-wise. I never get around to trying new things which I know I would probably love! So through starting a blog and obviously aiming to try and review new products, I hope to discover some beauty gems and hopefully some bargains! 

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