Beauty Formulas Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips

Beauty Formulas Deep Cleansing Pore Strips - Bodycare (£1) or online here

I know there is generally mixed feelings about nose strips - you either love them or you hate them. I can see how people would think they can't be doing much good for your skin but I feel like since I started to use them over a year ago now, I don't think I could go without.

I have tried a few different brands of these nose strips but by far the best results I have had are from these Beauty Formulas ones, which cost just £1 for 6 strips from Bodycare. I know you can get forehead and chin strips from this brand too but I've never seen them and have never tried them - although I would probably be tempted to if I ever came across them!

I find these strips really easy to use, you simply give your face (or your nose at least) a quick clean to remove any make-up or excess oil and then apply the strip to damp skin. You're meant to leave for 15 minutes but I like to leave for 20 minutes. Now as I'm sure you can imagine, explaining the results is not the most pleasant of subjects and I do find that sometimes they can be a bit hit and miss - sometimes they work, and when they work they work really well, but sometimes they don't. I don't know why this is, I'm sure it'll be something to do with whether your pores were open or closed when you applied the strip - who knows. But as I said, when a particular strip does work you can really see all the rubbish from your pores - it's really quite disgusting! I think this is one of the reasons I find them so addictive, knowing that if I didn't use the strips then that is what would be left on my nose! I really like using products when you can physically see the results and these definitely deliver that. For a pound, if the thought of using these strips doesn't sound too horrific to you, I'd definitely recommend you give them a go!


  1. I've never tried nose strips, do they hurt to pull off? I saw someone on youtube doing it with PVA glue once as well which I thought was a bit weird haha :s x

    1. They do kind of make your eyes water a little but nothing major! That's really weird.. but I suppose it is kind of the same effect. I was surprised by how well these worked although as I said you do get the odd one that doesn't work much at all - I don't know if that is because it just didn't work or because my skin wasn't so bad at that time? They really are addictive though! xx