That's the wreckage of broken dreams and burned out halos.

I'm having to travel back to uni tonight rather than tomorrow as I usually would because I'm going on a trip tomorrow (sigh!) so I thought I'd try out blogging from my phone. I don't really know how the layout works from here so if its not right I will have to sort it out when I get back to my flat.

I've had quite a busy couple of weeks as they go which has been exhausting but also really fun and exciting! As I've mentioned numerous times I've finished all this years coursework which is an unbelievable weight lifted from my shoulders! There's nothing worse than having 2/3/4,000 words hanging over your head constantly! Although I did (towards the end) discover the wonders of the library and will definitely be spending more time in there when it comes to my dissertation next year.

The lack of work has consequently left me even more free time (I'm hardly ever actually in uni.. It's quite ridiculous) and so what better way to fill it than some volunteer work! I applied for a position at a local zoo a few months ago and had almost forgotten about it until they invited me for an interview a few weeks ago. I was so excited but nervous because it is literally a dream of mine to work with animals and with doing a degree in biology, this would obviously be perfect and amazing on my C.V.! Anyway... I got it! I start on Friday and I'm so, SO excited! It's going to be very tiring, cold, grubby and smelly I can imagine but I am not (yet) phased in the slightest.

I also spent a night in a lodge in Anglesey with my boyfriend as my parents were staying there for the week. It was really cosy and there was a hot tub which, with the help of some funny Japanese(?) style hats to keep our heads dry in the rain, was really nice. It was just a shame we couldn't stay longer!

I've been trying to think of a way to make my blog a bit more personal as I feel the fact I don't do outfit posts kind of impacts on the 'getting to know me' part which I think is quite important. I would have liked to have been more original but I'm thinking a post like this every week or two might be the solution? I will see how it goes anywho!

I hope you all have a fabulous week! xxx


  1. I completely sympathise on the essay situation. I stressed about mine for ages then university just went ahead and lost it! So stressful! Congratulations on getting the volunteer position, sounds like you're going to have a ball!

    Lindsey. x

    1. Oh no that's literally my worst nightmare! Or loosing stuff from your computer I always save it to my memory stick and send it to to different email accounts! Hope you managed to get it sorted. and thanks :) I'm really excited! xx

  2. Hot tub? Yes please xx

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  3. Oh, Congrats on the volunteer work! Well-done! Please keep us updated on how it goes, and please share some pics (if possible;-)