The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver

I bought this as I was looking for a new primer as a cheaper alternative to my long-time favourite Benefit Porefessional (which is running out fast). I heard that this was a similar consistency - consistency being one of the things I love about Porefessional I thought that with the £20 off a £40 spend voucher I keep going on about, £7 was a reasonable price for something that could potentially replace a product which costs about 4x the price of that!

This product claims to enhance natural radiance with the use of light-reflective particles and to give skin a silky smooth finish. It can also be used alone or under make-up. When I use this I have to say my make-up applies amazingly. It creates a really nice base for my foundation and it blends it in really well.... however....

I've recently had a revelation. I sat myself down and looked at the characteristics of my skin and decided I have an oily t-zone. Therefore anything containing oil probably isn't going to work well on my skin. This contains brazil nut oil - and sure enough whenever I wear this by the end of the day my face looks like it has in fact melted and looks pretty horrible if I am honest! This obviously does not mean that this product is rubbish - it just doesn't work for me and I will definitely be taking more notice of what a product contains before purchasing from now on.

So I'd say if you have oily skin like me this probably isn't for you! It is lovely to use though and I can imagine it would work better for normal or dry skin. 

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