MUA Lipsticks 5, 7, 15 & 16

I've always been more of a gloss girl than lipstick but I recently got the urge to have a go at using lipsticks instead so I bought a few from MUA's £1 range. I got these during their 50% off offer so paid a grand total of £2 for all 4!

I picked the shades from the colour guide on their website was a bit risky but I think I made some good choices, I ended up with shades 5, 7, 15 (Juicy) and 16 (Nectar).

Shade 5 is a shimmery, sheer, deep pink which I think actually has a really nice glossy effect. Shade 7 is a nice pinky-red which I think adds a great pop of colour without being too bright. Shade 15 which also has a name - Juicy - is quite corally-pink and I'd say is quite matte. Shade 16 - Nectar - a bright orangey-red is the one which surprised me the most, I didn't think I'd like it looking at the stick but it's actually my favourite out of the four!

As I said I'm new to lipstick and I'm not really an expert on terms used to describe them so I hope the pictures can help you out a little there. I'm really impressed by the colour pay off and they all seem to have good formulas which aren't too drying - although it is worth noting that I am wearing a Burt's Bees lip balm under all of these as my lips are very dry and I do feel they need a little extra under any lip product I wear to keep them moisturised. I have to say the staying power wasn't amazing - I find myself having to re-apply these during the day but I don't find this too much of a big deal - I like to top up on my make-up anyway.

These are definitely worth the measly £1 price tag and the 50p each I paid for them is quite frankly ridiculous! I'm really impressed and will definitely be wearing these a lot and adding to my MUA lipstick collection I'm sure. I also think these are a great way to try a more daring colour you might be thinking of without splashing out on a more expensive lipstick, and you might even find you're impressed by it and not need to purchase the expensive one!

Update - I have actually just discovered that the colour indicator bit at the bottom actually unscrews to give you a little pot of product. I wasn't quite sure what the significance of this was but after a quick Google I've read that it is a lip primer/lip gloss? It is very small and quite hard to get even my freakishly skinny fingers in to but nevertheless, handy to have it there I suppose!


  1. You look great with every lipstick but my favourit is number 16. Think it suits you perfectly and the color is stunning! Love it!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  2. my favourite is number seven!