Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream

I think I may be going a bit crazy. It's so unlike me to even CONSIDER purchasing a moisturiser for somewhere between £20-30. Sadly, I am coming to the end of this mini Benefit Total Moisture facial cream, which I've come to love! Why?...

Firstly, the packaging. I think it may be the cutest moisturiser I have ever seen! As I said this is a mini version, which comes in this little glass screw top pot. It is the perfect size to put in my make up bag (ideal as I live between two places and travel a lot!) and if I did decide to fork out for the full size I would probably keep this pot and dispense into it from the big one.

It has a very fresh fragrance to it which when it comes to facial products I usually much prefer as opposed to synthetic perfume smells. Once when I had just applied this to my face my boyfriend asked if I had sun cream on - which I suppose is a fair description but I think it's a very lovely sun cream smell!

Onto the important bit... When I use this I feel as though my face looks/feels really bright and fresh and super hydrated. It's perfect for wearing under make up as while it's quite a thick formula it's not greasy in the slightest. I think it feels really luxurious and is so refreshing, I really don't think I can convince myself that I don't need this.. I'll just have to buy it!

You do have two options if you were considering purchasing this though! You can get it as part of a mini Benefit skin care set (which is how I have this) which is perfect if you would like to try a few of Benefit's main skincare products without committing to the somewhat pricey full-size versions. The set usually costs around £10 - at that price I definitely recommend you give it a try as the other products are also amazing! OR you can dive straight in and purchase the full size product which I think is around £26 at most places.

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