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I have never really been much of a perfume enthusiast. I've always suffered with bad hay fever and strong smells tend to give me headaches. Recently, however, I experienced a sudden urge to buy some perfume. I don't know where this came from but I figured what better time to splash out that the January sales! And for the record, my hay fever has not been a problem yet and while I am getting the odd slight headache I think they're worth it for these two gorgeous fragrances.

Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum Spray & Frothy Shower Gel

I bought this set from Boots for about £22, reduced from £35 (I think). They didn't actually have a sample spray in the shop for me to test but I had a faint memory of smelling this once in the past and loving it. So I took a bit of a gamble, but I was right and it is a really nice smell. It's very floral and fruity but for me it's more of a night time scent as it's also quite powerful. I find the staying power quite good, the scent does tend to 'mellow' after a few hours though.
I'm not even going to attempt to explain top notes etc. (do people actually work that out themselves or do they copy it like I am about to do??) ... This is what the Juicy Couture website actually says ...

" notes of watermelon, mandarin, and passion fruit combined with the sparkle and freshness of bright marigold and green apple, lightened by a splash of water hyacinth and crushed leaves. Deeper notes of wild rose with sophisticated princess lily and creamy tuberose undertones. Base notes of caramel créme brulée and vanilla meld with elegant precious woods and patchouli to create a delicious linge"

Vera Wang Princess Gift Set

I bought this here!!! on boxing day when it eventually sold out but they seem to have it back in stock but instead of the lip gloss in my set I think it's an eyeliner and a sharpener? The 30ml bottle alone can retail for up to around £35 so this set for £18 I think is a mega bargain (if you like the scent obviously!).
This is also very floral and fruity, but definitely more of a day time scent for me. It's not as 'overwhelming' as the Juicy Couture fragrance. The staying power is brilliant, I can still smell this on my skin after a long day! The scent (according to '')......

"...Created for the modern day Princess, this sheer, fruity floral fragrance is definitely born to rule! The scent sparkles with the captivating, sweet, tart aroma of delicate lady apples and the coveted tahitian tiare flower and finishes with a tasty vanilla chiffon - a treat fit for royalty!"

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