MUA Blush Perfection Cream Blusher

I have never tried a cream blusher before but in true MUA style this looked like a real bargain and I have read nothing but good reviews about their cream blushers so I decided to give it a go (wow, the word 'blush' begins to look very strange after you've typed it a few times).

To begin with I wasn't entirely sure how I should apply this and there was no suggestions of how to do so, so I've given it a go with both my fingers and my real techniques contour brush. The finger application technique worked fine but it obviously left my fingers covered in the stuff which was slightly inconvenient. So I have decided that the brush application was better suited.

This is the 'Blossom' shade which is perfect for me. It's not too pinky which I usually look for in a blusher and it's a very buildable colour which can be handy depending on the look you are going for. I actually really like the cream formula which I wasn't actually too keen on the thought of before I tried it. It's easy to apply and I found it can be blended in easier than a powder could be. I was concerned about the staying power but it really impressed me.

At just £2 I think this is another absolute gem product from MUA and for the time being I would definitely say I'm a cream blusher convert!


  1. I bought the MUA bronzer you blogged about - I love it!! I think I'll buy this too :)

    1. I'm honestly so impressed! I am becoming a bit of a MUA hoarder :( xx