John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner

My poor hair has fell victim to years and years of heat abuse, hair dye and general neglection. I am currently on a conquest to make it shiny, healthy and longer but I simply cannot stop using the heated tools as without them my hair is one big frizzy mess! So to compensate for this I am on the hunt for an amazing hair product that will improve the overall quality of my hair, but one that doesn't break the bank obviously! Does this exist!?!

It quite possibly could! This product claims that it 'penetrates deep and repairs the look and feel of overstyled hair, reducing the risk of breakage. Damaged hair becomes silky and full.'

After shampooing, you simply apply this mostly to the ends of your hair and a little bit to the rest of it, brush through, leave for five minutes then rinse. The first time I used this I wasn't very impressed but I blame my bad judge of timing and the fact that I didn't leave it in long enough, because the second time I tried it (and actually timed it) it was so much better! As soon as it came to the rinsing I could feel a difference in my hair, it felt so soft and smooth. When drying and straightening afterwards I could feel my hair was a lot softer but also stronger and very healthy looking! I now use this around once a week instead of my usual conditioner just to give my hair a little boost. I don't think this is THE product that I am looking for, but I am glad to have found it and I am more than happy to stick with this until something even better comes along!

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