Happy New Year!

I know I am a day late (I won't tell you what time I actually got out of bed yesterday) but I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year! I've had the best few weeks at home with my family, friends and my boyfriend - so much so that I am actually dreading going back to uni this weekend! As much as I love being there you just can't beat being at home with your family.

2012 started off a bit rocky for me but it quickly became what I can now call an amazing year and I'm hugely excited for 2013!

In the new year I intend to create more opportunities for myself and start thinking about life post-university. I am half way through my course now with still no clue what I want to do afterwards!

I also hope to concentrate more on this blog. I have finally started getting into it a bit more now and although it does seem rather pointless when you're wondering if anyone is actually paying attention, I'm willing to stick at it as I really do love it. I'm going to work out all the layout and html stuff (is that the right word?) and hopefully work out how to take some better pictures!

Finally, the usual one... I'm going to be more healthy. I've decided not to call it a 'diet' or attempt any 'exercise regime' as every year that is just one big fail. I'm just going to eat healthier, at set times and try not to snack during the day or late at night, and any exercise I feel like doing inbetween is a bonus!

So here's to 2013, and hoping it's making it a good one!

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