Wishlist #1

1. Nike trainers - This is a bit of a strange one as I haven't worn trainers for years, but I think they look really cool and I know they would be super comfy. I do wonder what I would actually wear trainers with, there's just so many different types and colours I'd have to spend a good bit of time trying to find the perfect ones for me!

2 & 3. Topshop Shirt and Jumper - I am going to make a concious effort to stop buying more and more unnecessary beauty products and concentrate more on my wardrobe (or lack of it). I hardly ever buy actual clothes but I have loads of jewellery, bags and accessories. These two items from Topshop are simple, easy to wear pieces of clothing that I know I'd get a lot of use out of!

4. Disco Pants - Now these, I'm not really sure about! I think you have to have a very particular style and figure to pull these off however it really does seem like everyone and their mum owns a pair and swears by them. If I were to purchase I would definitely not fork out for the proper American Apparel ones straight away as although I do really like them, I'm almost certain I will feel silly wearing them. I just want to see what the fuss is about!

5. iPad Mini - This started off as a bit of a 'hmm I would like one but I'm sensible and know I don't really need one' and has become a bit of a 'THEY'RE AMAZING I CAN'T GO A DAY LONGER WITHOUT ONE'. I think it would be very useful and especially being the mini version it's so portable and super cute! It's my birthday in March so I'm planning on saving some money up before then and maybe asking my parents to pay the rest or something along those lines!


  1. I want some trainers too! But i know what you mean about them not going with things .. Id probably only ever wear them to the shop or something :(


    1. I know :( I'm thinking maroon-y coloured ones would be quite versatile though? The iPad might just take a little light persuasion and some serious saving but I'm feeling pretty ambitious about it ha! xx

  2. I'm glad it's not just me that has a ridiculous amount of beauty products but a very sparse wardrobe!! x