MUA Bronzer

I am very pale skinned so when it comes to picking a bronzer I go for more of the 'sun kissed' look or results can sometimes turn out rather tangerine-esque! This MUA bronzer in shade 3 I came across a few years ago is actually the perfect shade for me. Not only did it end years of purchasing the wrong colour bronzer over and over again but do you know how much this is? Are you ready?.... IT'S £1!


As I mentioned I have been using this bronzer for a couple of years now and I have never felt the need to change for anything better quality as I honestly cannot fault this one. It's pigmented but not overly (which I think in this case is a good thing) and it's also very build-able This shade is quite matte but if I remember correctly I think the other shades that are available are fairly shimmery.

Here I am wearing it slightly underneath my cheekbone in an attempt to give my face a bit of structure! I find it a very warming addition to my pale face, I think it works really well.

This isn't the first MUA product I have tried, their £1 range is actually incredible value for money and I am definitely keen to keep trying more of their products. I am especially intrigued by their new brushes as I have already read lots of amazing reviews!


  1. I love MUA products I'm completely addicted to their cream blushes :) I've never tried this love the fact it doesn't look too warm toned and orangey, I have the same problem as you- finding a decent bronzer with pale skin is so difficult! x

    1. They're amazing aren't they! I went on a bit of a MUA spree after work today and bought one of the cream blushes - good to know I've made a good choice!
      Thanks for the comment :) xx